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The Taste of Spring in Mid-Winter

Although we’re just coming out of the holiday seasons, many of us already feel cabin fever. The longing for beaches, hikes in the woods, and lazy summer days have become more frequent as coffee passes hands across the bar.

Well, we have an out! Or, at least a bit of reprieve. The Pittsburgh shops have the privilege of working with the lovely and talented Jeanette, creative-prowess owner of the Gluten Free Goat! What does that mean for warm-weather dreams, you ask? [cue symphonic fanfare]


That’s right! The pumpkin spice tastes of the holidays will hibernate again, while we usher in the floral, citrusy joys of spring. These gluten-free, circular num-nums are gluten and soy free, AND vegan. (Check out Jeanette’s site for a more robust description of her business.)

She delivers to us on Tuesdays and Fridays; best to come as close the drop-day as you can; we sold out of the Spring at Voluto in less than 24 hours this week!