Education Lead


The Education Lead is expected to oversee a culture of education and learning at Commonplace Coffee (CPC). They will manage all members of the Education Team in building and running external classes and trainings as well as internal barista trainings and certifications. They will serve as an ambassador of the company brand, values, and technical standards, which they will represent both externally and internally. This position is expected to require 10-20 hours per month depending on the number of trainings with more time spent in the first few months getting the education team up and running. This role is part-time with the potential to become full-time and includes an additional expectation to fulfill subsequent time in the role of barista for 10-20 hours per week.

Essential Functions:

  • Building/formalizing an education curriculum based upon CPC standards as described in the current CPC Training Manual.
  • Reviewing, editing, and expanding CPC standards.
  • Generate and communicate biweekly reports of project deliverables to the Roasting Operations Manager.
  • Scheduling and running education team meetings to coordinate and manage the three primary focus areas of the education team.
    • External Classes:
      • Determine the external class schedule each year.
      • Coordinate with the Marketing Manager to determine pricing and class size for publishing onto the CPC website.
      • Build curriculum and format for each class.
      • Set expectations for public interactions based upon Commonplace values.
      • Coordinate communications with all class attendees.
      • Schedule two staff members to prepare, run, and handle cleanup for each class.
    • Internal Trainings:
      • Work with Operations Manager and Education Team to refine and update CPC barista standards.
      • Build a module-style training program and create implementation plan.
      • Create certification for Education Team to be able to conduct staff trainings.
      • Coordinate and schedule staff members & trainees for barista certifications.
      • Coordinate assessments and determine appropriate follow-up for CPC trainees with Operations Manager and Shop Managers.
      • Create and issue certificates
    • External Trainings & Tours:
      • Utilize/adapt internal training modules to create custom external trainings.
      • Manage a schedule and calendar for all external training requests.
      • Field new inquiries and coordinate with Wholesale Team regarding current client requests.
      • Invoice for trainings using Quickbooks.
      • Schedule appropriate Education Team members to prepare, run, and handle cleanup for each training.


  • 3-5 years of barista, roasting, and/or other technical coffee experience.
  • Experience running trainings, classes, or other similar educational coffee classes.
  • Ability to evaluate, analyze, and plan for the future of the CPC Education Program with minimal oversight.
  • Experience managing a team and demonstration of care for staff.
  • Openness to constructive criticism with desire to continually to improve.
  • Ability to manage disagreements and institute conflict resolution as-necessary.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong attention to detail and respect for cleanliness and sanitation.
  • Strength in interaction and caring for people and community.
  • Demonstration of passion and enthusiasm for coffee.
  • Desire to educate others about coffee and espresso methods.
  • High integrity and personal responsibility.

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to walk, sit, and stand for long periods of time.
  • Perform repetitive tasks – must be able to complete repetitive motions with the hands, wrists and forearms to operate espresso machinery.
  • Taste and smell – must be able to detect and perceive the smells of coffee.
  • Oral communication – must be able to clearly and effectively communicate with
    customers and team members.
  • Carry weight, lift – must be able to lift up to 5 pounds frequently and up to 50
    pounds occasionally.

Work Environment:

  • Trainings, classes, and meetings will primarily take place at CPC Headquarters, but could also include CPC retail shops and wholesale client shops.
  • The work environment can be noisy.
  • This job involves high amounts of customer interaction.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • Managing a team of 5-9 part-time education team members.