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Voluto Turns 3!, Bar Marco, and Unblurred

Sooooo, this is a big week for Commonplace Voluto. On May 1st, we’re celebrating all day -with you!- by having some special deals. If you follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and check out our Facebook feed, you’ll get the scoop. We’re saving the details for the conversation. [wink wink]

It’s also First Friday of the month, when Unblurred takes place. This month’s is also a special one: the Geek Arts/Green Innovators Event: GA/GI 6 [Reboot]. There’s a whole lot of activity planned up and down Penn Ave. this Friday. We’ll be slinging coffee and offering drinks from 5-10pm, along with other locations.

If you recall, last month we joined up with our friends at Bar Marco for a collaborative special cocktail session to bring you two custom libations. We’re gonna do it again! And THIS time, we’re also offering a birthday/anniversary affogato at the event, complete with the local, tasty, Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream! (In related news: Millie’s has an ice cream CSA. A CSA!!

We would be remiss to offer something baked at our party. So, we’ve arranged for Megan Drew to provide the delicious pies of fame to our event. When paired with Millie’s. . . OH YEAH.

Lastly, our artist of the month of May –Celeste Neuhaus– will be on location to discuss her installation in our space. Here’s a bit of about her from her bio:

With the compulsion to create cosmos (order) out of chaos, she constructs symmetrical geometric forms from the remains of modern day rituals: tinsel, crepe paper, confetti, ribbons, and plastic eggs, breathing new life into materials that have been purchased, consumed, and discarded.

Pittsburgh art coffee Voluto

Come hang out with us; it’s a celebration that you won’t want to miss!