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There’s a Coffee Rebellion Afoot!

By September 1, 2015Coffee

When we were approached by The Coffee Rebel’s to be a part of their subscription service, we were honored! They only offer specialty coffee roasters, with the desire to give subscribers a wide array of new coffee experiences from the “comfort of home”. #armchairbarista

Caffeine Rebel’s coffee subscriptions explore a different specially coffee roaster each month. All subscriptions include free shipping. We source unique coffee experiences and deliver right to your door. Every month is a new experience.

We are unlike a “coffee taster pack,” which often features small amounts of coffee from various roasters. With our coffee club subscription you’ll discover the essence of a particular roaster, by exploring 1, 2 or 3 different coffee roasts (12 oz per bag) by the same provider, offering a unique introduction to a roasters style and charm.

Check out this months page, featuring three of our roasts!