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Top 50 Best Coffee Houses, AGAIN!! #honored #grateful

best coffee in pittsburgh

The news began trickling out on yesterday morning: Kenneth, a friend of Commonplace, shared the post on his Facebook feed. Drew -our manager at the Voluto shop on Penn Ave.- got the “I’m so proud!” mom email at breakfast. TJ, our passionate owner, shared the news on *his* Facebook feed at his first stop of morning coffee. And so it started…

Wow. What incredible things can be done with others! We are grateful to you, our friends, family, and coffee lovers for being a huge part of making us successful. Thanks to The Daily Meal​ for numbering us among the finest coffee houses and roasters in the nation.

What an honor, to be named among the best for a 3rd year. Thanks for participating with us in this adventure; we are grateful for your journey with us! We look forward to hanging out with you in the future, as we walk the road together, enjoying all in things in “coffee” from farm to cup.


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