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Squaring Off: Art You Can Drink.

By October 15, 2015Community, Events
espresso, latte art, #PSCW15, pittsburgh

Finding the balance of espresso and steamed milk for a drink takes practice. Lots of practice. As in, baristas keep learning and nuancing their techniques throughout their careers. We want to create the best tasting drink, while pouring an aesthetic that is looks as good as it tastes. The temperature of the milk, it’s texture, the slight and precise movements to create symmetry and distinction; these are some of the variables we pay attention to. And that’s just the milk!

Next Thursday for Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week, Espresso a Mano will host up to 20¬†of Pittsburgh barista’s for a chance to pour the best latte! It kicks off at 6.30pm and is free to watch. If you want to give it a go, bring a five spot to cover the cost of coffee and milk. Oh yeah, if you’re lucky, you can score a free latte -in all its beauty- after the drink is judged. Maybe you’ll get the winning one!