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Espresso: More than an ingredient for lattes.

By October 16, 2015Espresso, Events
espresso, pittsburgh, coffee, pscw15

Espresso is not unique in its robust form and function, but it isn’t always appreciated: In the US, it is often seen as the foundation for our cappuccino, paired with milk and steamed to a “foam”. Or, it is the vehicle for adding caramel syrup and 24 oz.’s of skim milk as errands are run on a Saturday.

If you think there’s more to espresso’s future, then join us next Friday, October 23rd, from 5-8pm! As part of #PSCW15, our own Morgan, -from the Voluto shop- will team up with 4121 Main‘s owner Kira and Tim, friend and bartender from the Butterjoint, to step outside the typical espresso and milk box. Working within their areas of expertise of brewing, steaming, and mixology, they will craft signature espresso drinks both boozy and straight for all to enjoy. It’s free to come to the party, and the drinks are priced individually.

See you there!