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The Commonplace: Pulling Shots at La Marzocco & Synesso at #SCAA2015

Most esteemed Commonplacers, we mentioned the other day that Jamie and Brandon are going to the SCAA’s “The Event” conference tomorrow through Sunday for us. We also mentioned that they have the honor of representing us AND La Marzocco & Synesso at the conference: we’ve been invited to make espresso at their booths. We can’t be grateful enough, nor properly overwhelmed. “Why”, you may ask, “is this such a big deal?”

Pittsburgh coffee espresso La Marzocco Strada

Commonplace La Marzocco Strada machine at the roastery.

For starters, La Marzocco is a name that is nearly synonymous with espresso machines. Similar to the power of Mack to semi trucks, or Xerox to copiers. They’ve crafted equipment since 1927, giving them nearly a century of experience on making their stuff *that* good. We could also share about the “under the hood” stuff they’ve developed, but it’s more technical than we need to share about to bring you that apricot start, balanced, with-a-chocolatey-finish shot of [insert origin here] that you’ve come to enjoy.

Pittsburgh coffee espresso

Commonplace Voluto’s Synesso machine.

Likewise Synesso, although a much younger company at 8 years old, was forged in the passion of a former La Marzocco engineer. (See where this is going?) The quality of these companies’ work raised the “PC or Mac” comparison; or Ford/Chevy if that analogy connects better. Folks in the coffee industry are pleased to work behind either, given their quality. At the #SCAA2015 Event, WE GET TO SERVE OUR COFFEE AT BOTH!!

That’s the finishing touch: Of all the coffee houses, roasters, and coffee folks, they choose us to be one of their collaborative partners. Jamie and Brandon are traveling with our beans, our roast, and our recipes. They get to pull our very best espresso on their very best machines, of the two arguably very best companies. On the planet.

It is with great honor and excitement that we send these experienced barista’s to Seattle; stay tuned for more details about their travels!