100 S COMMONS, SUITE 103, PGH PA 15212
(724) 541-6016


Our Nova Place coffeehouse is our newest location, making it our eighth in Western Pennsylvania and sixth in the city of Pittsburgh. As with our other shops, this opportunity came about organically rather than strategically; however, the environment served as an entirely new prospect for us. The original tenant had created a beautiful space inside of Nova Place. Upon leaving, the team at Nova Place approached Commonplace with the opportunity to move into the unique location, much different from the neighborhood environment of our other coffeehouses.

Nova Place is a renewed historic space that was converted into a modern, mixed-use building, which now includes workspaces, common areas, restaurants and retailers. The space was repurposed to bring people together, where it was once considered a dividing line between communities. It’s part of our mission as a company to bring people together, so the opportunity was a natural fit for us. At this location, professionals can grab coffee first thing in the morning and also make an end-of-day coffee run, and that’s a really fun time to connect with friends and coworkers before finishing the work day.

Although the buildout wasn’t as significant as some of our other locations, we ran into a few delays early on in the process. Sometimes though, delays can create beautiful opportunities. That extra time gave us the opportunity to become acquainted with a new employee of ours, Neal Dudash, whose experience, skill, and know-how were a natural fit for the manager role at Nova Place. Prior to managing Nova, Neal had begun delving into roasting at our headquarters, which he continues to assist with one day a week. So, the next time you’re in Nova Place, be sure to ask Neal all of your roasting questions!

We’re incredibly excited to be part of the Nova Place community and look forward to connecting not only with the business professionals in the building, but also the wider community that surrounds Nova Place and Pittsburgh’s North Shore.




Choose which coffee and how much, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll enjoy receiving a package every two weeks filled with well-sourced, carefully-roasted coffee – delivered right to your home, office, dorm room, conversion van, or wherever else you want to make really great coffee.