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The Roastery Operation is Moving (Upstairs)!

So, among the other big changes we’ve got going on, we’re pulling up stakes and taking our whole operation out of the basement of the East End Brewing Company. To go up to the top of the steps of the East End Brewing Company. That’s right folks, we’re moving up! As Scott and team have been growing in their operation, they’ve needed more of the space we’ve shared alongside them. We looked around the city -feverishly at times- to find a suitable location to move our roasting and wholesale operation. However, it turns out that our best option is at the top of our very own steps.

We’re not sure yet when we’ll have everything done for the build out, but you’ll find updates as we move along. Here’s a couple of shots from our recent demo. Doesn’t look like much, but this is a significant change!Photo Jul 23, 1 08 36 PM