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Pittsburgh Specialty Coffee Week IS. COMING.

October 19-25, 2015

In five weeks, we’re celebrating coffee! We don’t like coffee, we are obsessed with it. The art of the steaming milk and the pour; the finesse of dialing in an espresso to taste just this sweet and that savory; the science in a 12oz. pour over recipe, getting somewhere between 24 and 26 grams of grind at this setting, for a “xx” second long bloom, for a “xxx” gram yield; the tweeks and changes a roaster makes to their recipe that is roasted lightly, but tastes as rich as the dark roast you prefer; you get the picture.

This is our world! Specialty coffee. We strive not to just make coffee, but to honor the farmer, the coffee bean itself, and the extraction of that goodness waiting inside. We’re crazy excited about how that cup of brew made it into your hands, and what it took to craft the whole experience you get to savor on the way to work every morning. We even may get a little emotional about it when you enjoy it.

coffee, pittsburgh, best coffeePreparations…

Conversations have been happening:

“Okay, folks, who wants to compete in the latte art throwdown this year?!?”

“I think we should highlight the El Salvador instead of the Ethiopia for #PSCW15.”

“What event could we do that we didn’t get too last year?”

“Did you see that Caffe D’Amore is now open? Sarah is hosting the sourcing convo in Larryville!”

There’s been back-of-house hustle:

  • Hundreds of emails have created lag in the Pittsburgh regions interwebs, coordinating activities.
  • The website has been updated.
  • Coffee origin’s have been chosen for the week’s celebration.
  • Collaborations have been struck, menus planned, and deals made. (Smoke-filled back rooms.)

Events are Happening!

Our first highlight of #PSCW15: Opening Event and Espresso Jamboree at the Commonplace Coffee’s Roastery! It’s from 6-9pm on Monday, October 19th, with a $5 admission. THERE’S ALL YOU CAN DRINK ESPRESSO.

Join Coffee Professionals for a collaborative espresso tasting featuring leading baristi from around the city serving their current favorite espresso. Get a feel for each shop’s approach to this distinctive and rewarding beverage. This will be a great chance to try something new, whether it’s an espresso from an unfamiliar coffee roaster, or just an initial foray into espresso itself!

Stay Informed! Connect!

Coffee Week Webpage update

For all the news and info, visit the coffee week website at pghcoffeeweek.com. On social media, find news, updates, and happenings at Facebook and Twitter. On Instagram -and elsewhere- be sure to use the hashtag #PSCW15.

For more information, please contact info@pghcoffeeweek.com.


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