Chelelektu Ethiopia


REGION: Yirgacheffe
COUNTRY: Ethiopia
PRODUCER: Smallholders
ALTITUDE: 1300-2200 masl
VARIETIES: Heirloom (Kume, Wolisha)
PROCESSING: Washed/37 hour ferment
DRYING: Raised Beds

Think: Complex and floral with a dynamic body

Even though we love the natural processed Mormora quite a bit, we thought it would be worth everyone’s time to bring in an example of a washed coffee from Ethiopia. Generally speaking, these coffees are valued for their clean, complex, and tea-like qualities. This particular lot from the Chelelektu washing station is no different, with complex flavor notes and a dynamic body (we thought it moved between a coconut and olive oil-like consistency). In its ninth year of operation, Chelelektu processed the coffee of 363 producers and is continuously striving to make improvements to its infrastructure; as it currently stands, its water is optimized for pH, and the fermentation tanks work wonderfully in parallel with the mountain spring water. Once washed and dried, the coffee goes to Tracon Trading’s processing facility, where it is hulled using state-of-the-art equipment and stored in a cool, well-ventilated warehouse while it waits for export. We’re really pleased to offer you a great example of a washed coffee from the Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia; we won’t be keeping this around for too long, though, so grab it while it’s here!

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Ordering Coffee
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Shipping Details
As we are striving to roast coffee in the best possible profile while also preserving freshness, we have a rhythm to our roasting schedule. Our roasting days are now Monday through Wednesday. We will make every effort to get your coffee out as soon as possible. It will be shipped using a common carrier to your door.

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