Decaf RSWP


REGION: San Pedro, Sociapam
PRODUCER: Smallholders
ALTITUDE: 1200-1350 masl
VARIETIES: Typica. Caturra
PROCESSING: Washed, Mountain Water Process
DRYING: Raised Beds

Think: Graham and Hazelnut with pleasant acidity

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Each coffee is special, and as such requires a great amount of care. The same is true for Decaf coffees, with the added wrinkle of the decaffeination process. The story of this particular coffee begins with Ramon Ruiz, a sourcer and mediator who has been working in Mexico for several decades. When our friends at Crop to Cup Importers approached him to put together a decaf lot, he contacted several of his favorite producers to have them set aside some of their coffee to make this coffee possible. Many of these producers are members of indigenous people groups, and as such have a greater barrier to market participation since Spanish is not their primary language. We’re delighted to be able to offer their work for our decaf coffee, processed in the Mountain Water Process, which employs a series of carbon filters and no added chemicals to filter out the caffeine in the coffee. Please enjoy, at any time of day!


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