Divino Niño Colombia


REGION: Suaza, Huila
COUNTRY: Colombia
PRODUCER: Divino Niño Association – 25 Producers
ALTITUDE: 1400-1700 masl
VARIETIES: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
DRYING: Parabolic Drying
Think: Chocolate and molasses with orange-like acidity

For just over a year now, we’ve had this coffee in-house. It’s been a staple piece of a few of our blends, and we’ve been loving the depth it’s added to them. So much so, that we wanted it to stand on its own as a single origin offering. Divino Niño is the name of the association, which represents 25 producers in the Suaza region of the Huila department in Colombia. The cooperative has been together for 13 years and was one of the groups our Point Breeze Manager Dave Smallhoover had the chance to meet during his visit to Colombia last year, a trip facilitated by our friends at Osito Coffee. During that visit, Dave attended a producer meeting that included 23 of the 25 producers. Discussion centered around group organization, drying methods, and Osito’s ability to uphold quality. This is a community that benefits from collective action and cares for the integrity of the group. Osito aims to work with groups like this to help with organizational goals, while also caring for their land and increasing quality. It is for these reasons, we have partnered with Osito and are proud to offer this coffee to you.


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