Los Lesquines


We met the good people from The
Coffee Quest importers several years
ago and have been looking for a way to
get the coffees they represent in the
door for some time. Turns out, the time
is now, and we are absolutely delighted
to share this coffee with you, not just
because of the engaging taste of it, but
also because Finca Los Lesquines is run
by Maria Elvia Villeda. As time goes on,
we at Commonplace are excited to do
our part to mitigate some of the
disparity associated with gender on the
production side of the coffee supply
chain. It’s not often you see the wife of
the household making the
administrative decisions for the family
business, but 4th generation coffee
producer Maria Villeda is doing a
tremendous job, along with her
husband and son, of managing the
farm. Under the long-standing canopy
of cedar, mahogany, and sweetgum
trees, what was once given over
entirely to the Typica variety has now
yielded to other varieties like this
Caturra lot, and IHCAFE90, an
experimental hybrid from the
Honduran Coffee institute that may a
higher resistance to disease. We’re very
proud to be a part of the bridge from
Finca Los Lesquines to you.



REGION: Corquín, Copan
COUNTRY: Honduras
PRODUCER: Maria Elvia Villeda
ALTITUDE: 1450 masl
DRYING: Marquesina (Solar drier)

Think: Various tropical fruits with a
lovely acidity.

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Ordering Coffee
Should you need your coffee ground, please let us know in the Notes section when entering your information on checkout. If you are uncomfortable paying online, you can still submit your order over the phone. Just pick out the coffee you want and call us at (412) 945-0653.

Shipping Details
As we are striving to roast coffee in the best possible profile while also preserving freshness, we have a rhythm to our roasting schedule. Our roasting days are now Monday through Wednesday. We will make every effort to get your coffee out as soon as possible. It will be shipped using a common carrier to your door.


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