Los Naranjos


REGION: San Agustin, Huila
COUNTRY: Colombia
PRODUCER: Los Naranjos Group
ALTITUDE: 1650-1850 masl
VARIETIES: Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo
DRYING: Patio and Greenhouse

Think: Tangerine with pronounced
brightness and pleasant body
As we work to commit to long-term
relationships with producers, Los
Naranjos is high on the list of coffees
we want to continue to bring in, and
that’s largely because it’s indicative of
the amazing work that’s being done
in Colombian Specialty Coffee. As a
pioneer in developing traceable,
high-quality microlots in Colombia
since 2000, Caravela Coffee is able to
run a fully traceable, vertically
integrated supply chain from grower
to importer. They pay on delivery of
coffee at origin, and classify each lot
into one of three tiers of quality. This
particular lot, the ‘A’ tier, is their
entry-level option, and we think it’s a
fantastic coffee; it comes from 4
sub-municipalities in San Agustin and
has 20% shade cover. This harvest has
a delightful tangerine brightness with
a supporting body and a lovely citric
finish, indicative of the qualities we’ve
come to expect from this producer
group. As we continue to bring in
coffees from these producers and
Caravela, we look forward to bringing
you more traceable lots of even
higher quality. Stick around, it’s sure
to keep tasting great!t!

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Shipping Details
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