Ninga Hill Burundi


REGION: Bukeye
COUNTRY: Burundi
PRODUCER: 176 Small Scale Farmers
ALTITUDE: 1700-1794 masl
PROCESSING: Honey Process
DRYING: Raised Beds                              

Think: Plum, round body, and brown sugar sweetness.

We were excited to bring this coffee in not only because we loved its delicate yet complex profile, but also because it created an opportunity for us to work with two companies that we deeply admire on the same project— Long Miles Coffee and Osito Coffee. Long Miles operates the washing station, and Osito worked with us to get this coffee from Burundi to Pittsburgh. The coffee comes to us from the hills of Ninga. Communities here exist far beyond the reach of electricity. Two rivers and a province border lie between the Bukeye washing station and these hills, with some farmers traveling 22 km along steep, narrow dirt paths to deliver their coffee. Farmers face a plethora of challenges when traveling to and from the washing station, which is why Long Miles aims to eventually be able to build another washing station closer to the hills that these farmers call home. Until then, better practices and increased farmer education remain a focus of Long Miles. Increased quality coffee ultimately means higher prices for farmers, which will hopefully continue to lead to greater economic investment in the region. 

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Ordering Coffee
Should you need your coffee ground, please let us know in the Notes section when entering your information on checkout. If you are uncomfortable paying online, you can still submit your order over the phone. Just pick out the coffee you want and call us at (412) 945-0653.

Shipping Details
As we are striving to roast coffee in the best possible profile while also preserving freshness, we have a rhythm to our roasting schedule. Our roasting days are now Monday through Wednesday. We will make every effort to get your coffee out as soon as possible. It will be shipped using a common carrier to your door.

Orders under $50 will be charged $5 flat rate; over $50, shipping is free.


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