Red Badger Indonesia


REGION: Bener Meriah
COUNTRY: Indonesia
PRODUCER: 1000+ Family Farms
ALTITUDE: 1200–1500 masl
VARIETIES: Catimor, Ateng, Timtim, Bourbon
PROCESSING: Semi-Washed  (Wet-Hulled)
DRYING: Sun-dried on concrete
Think: Semi-dry, wheat toast with earthy finish.

Red Badger has been a long-time coffee at Commonplace and one that has made its way into a number of blends. With a desire to have a diverse coffee offering that meets a wide range of tastes, we are excited to now offer this coffee as a single origin. It comes to us from Bener Mariah, which is located in the central region of the Aceh province on the island of Sumatra  — an island well known for coffee production. The coffee is processed using a method known regionally as “giling basah,” more commonly referred to as wet-hulled or semi-washed. A unique aspect of coffee from this region is the number of farmers that contribute to its production. More than 1000 family farms belong to the co-op that produced this particular lot with each farmer owning less than one hectare of land. As a result, farmers grow additional crops during the coffee off-season to support their family; common crops include chili peppers and yams. We are honored to support the efforts of so many from this region as we share this coffee with you.


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Ordering Coffee
Should you need your coffee ground, please let us know in the Notes section when entering your information on checkout. If you are uncomfortable paying online, you can still submit your order over the phone. Just pick out the coffee you want and call us at (412) 945-0653.

Shipping Details
As we are striving to roast coffee in the best possible profile while also preserving freshness, we have a rhythm to our roasting schedule. Our roasting days are now Monday through Wednesday. We will make every effort to get your coffee out as soon as possible. It will be shipped using a common carrier to your door.

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