Sovu Rwanda


REGION: Gako Village, Huye District
PRODUCER: Huye Mountain Washing Station
ALTITUDE: 1734 masl
VARIETIES: Red Bourbon
PROCESSING: Washed/Dry Ferment
DRYING: Raised Beds, 11-14 days

Think: Apricot and cranberry with a dynamic body and acidity.

Relationships are extremely important in specialty coffee; if someone vouches for you, or if you’ve done work with respected industry parties, that work tends to speak volumes. When we were approached by Jake Smith from Homage Coffee Source, knowing that he had done some work with Long Miles Coffee (our partners on the ground in Burundi) went a long way. He offered us this coffee from one of two washing stations run by David Rubanzangabo in the Huye District in Southern Rwanda; we were immediately impressed by the work that’s been done in less than a decade; this timeline isn’t out of the ordinary in Rwanda as specialty coffee was targeted as a leverageable commodity in the wake of the country’s civil war in the early 1990s. It’s also encouraging that those who do good work to bring ripe cherries to the washing stations are compensated appropriately. With dried red fruit and apricot to back up the big body typical of Bourbon body and the acidity typical of coffees from Rwanda, the Sovu is sure to be a fantastic afternoon cup; we also might enjoy it on a rainy weekend morning, getting ready for a good, full day. However you drink it, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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