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The Armchair Barista: Learn Home Brewing Methods!

You just got a Chemex from mom for the holidays, and you’re still trying to figure out if its pronounced with a French [Sh]emex, or a Germanic [K]emex. Or, you’ve had a v60 pour over for 3 years and want to get a that touch of bitterness out of the finish. Perhaps you’re interested in why a guy who invented a throwing disc also got into coffee, and whether an Aeropress really makes a good cup. (Brewed as designed, or inverted.)

Well, come one, come all! We’ve got a line up of free (as in, NO COST) home brewing methods taught at our different locations, that starts this week! We’re hoping to catch you, O’ interested brewer, whenever your day/time/geography permits. This Wed, on January 6th, Jay will offer his depth of knowledge starting at 7pm. The very next day, our Indiana shop will kick off the bloom at 5.30pm. Voluto will follow at 1pm on Sunday, Jan 17th. And the Mexican War Streets wants to get in on the game, too; they’re working out the kinks as a new shop and hope to get something on the books soon.

You can keep an eye on this event and others here at our calendar. Cheers!




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