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A call for prayer

By October 4, 2006The Coffee Blog

A person in our community needs our prayer! Ian Murphy, a familiar face at The Commonplace and in our community, was in a very serious car accident on Saturday. I am calling everyone I know to pray for Ian and his family. Also, please pray for Larissa, his girlfriend.

This is a message I received from someone close to him: (This came to me early this afternoon).

The doctors have said that Ian may die in the next day or two because his brain is not responding. Please continue to pray for Ian and for the Murphy family.

(Sunday correspondence):

There are no real changes with Ian. Because it was Sunday, the doctors did not do a lot of testing. A serious concern is bruising found on a part of the brain that controls waking up. This part of the brain generally does not heal itself, so you can pray. Ian has never regained consciousness since the accident. He is on life support and still very critical.

Newest correspondence: (Wednesday afternoon)

Please keep praying. There has been some slight improvement. The doctors have pulled back their prognosis that Ian may die within the next hours.