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A Film About Coffee Review and Event

By November 3, 2014The Coffee Blog

Coffee Pittsburgh Rustbelt espresso specialty coffee thirdwaveWe’ve been working at this coffee thing for quite some time; it’s always refreshing to have an experience of coffee -outside ourselves- to have a window through which to reflect. A Film About Coffee provides just that. 

Avocado’s and Coconuts, the film production company, set out to tell a vignette of our morning ritual with coffee. Although the story is told from the specialty coffee industry, it doesn’t limit the narrative to this gourmet sub-culture of the bean. It weaves the stories of those involved from the growers into the cup of joe, and how a region or source name is often the name of the family farm from which it was derived. Through two respective farms in Rwanda and Honduras, they weave the tale of the number of hands, feet, bikes, and shoulders that supply a cappuccino in our shop. It’s far more than we might expect! It’s a reminder that those who work to bring us the cherries from their homeland long for the same things we do: house improvements, good education for their kids, taking care of their hired help.

No matter the quality of your cup, people who love coffee, love it. Coffee is about people, and people are what I’m interested in ultimately. -Brandon Loper, Director

In the midst of the story of the film, the documentary gently reminds us that our final product: a roasted bean, automatically brewed by our drip machine at 6.30, is really a farm-to-table reality. Although Brandon Loper (director) touches on economics and barista competitions, he pans wide to give nod to the economic, social and social-justice facets of specialty coffee. If you haven’t had a chance to see it with us, seek it out. It speaks beyond the coffee specialty that we enjoy here, into the everyday life of those who bring us our morning habit.

We were honored to have been a part of this effort, invited into it by Matt Gebis of Espresso a Mano. We are also grateful for Brian and his staff at Row House Cinema for finding screen space so fast, and Atlas BottleWorks for serving up some tasty brews. And thanks to so many of you who came out to a packed house to enjoy pour overs, and support coffee and local business! We can’t do this without you…

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