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Best Coffee Shop, Pittsburgh

Before we get to the rest of the content of this particular post, we just wanna put this out there: we recognize that it can be awkward, raised eyebrows if you will, to do the #humblebrag. Posting about your own success is… well, awkward. We recognize that. We don’t want to be “that guy” or “that business”. So. . . why then, you ask?

Here’s why: TJ (who didn’t write this; Brian did) works hard at coffee, at The Commonplace, at the ethos and praxis of our organization, and at creating more than the good cup of coffee you cradle in your hands, the warmth of the seat you sit in. He pursues quality in the people he hires to serve you, seeking out the hearts and minds of staff members who “get it.” He has often said “I think that so-in-so is who we need right now. They may not know [coffee/back of house admin/machinery repair] well. We can train people to do that; we need so-in-so because they are good people.”

We’re posting about this newest “best coffee” recognition because TJ has spent a great deal of time doing the things that earn it. He facilitates us to do the “best coffee”, with the best experience. Likewise, you participate with us! You taste, critique, celebrate, and join us regularly for a cup. To that end, come! Join us and celebrate!

In this third recognition in just two weeks, we’ve seen our rank get slowly higher amongst the great shops of the U.S. First it was the top 50, followed by the top 12. On Friday, we landed in the Telegraph’s top eight. We are humbled, and grateful, for yet another opportunity to serve such good coffee to good people. Here’s what they say:

Another coffee house and roaster, in the last 10 years or so Commonplace has become, well, more commonplace with four locations in Indiana, Pa, and hometown Pittsburgh. It’s not expansion for the sake of expansion, though, it’s the right people for the job and a gradual build. The results speak for themselves.

Thanks again, for your participation and ride with us! Cheers!