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Back to School Special: Nappy Hour!

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FINALLY. The kids are back to school. Well, most of them. As stay-at-home-mom’s and -dad’s know, (#sahm and #sahd henceforth), not all the kids are school aged yet. So, we want to recognize that definitive, annual, watershed moment when you send most of your kids back to school, or do homeschooling, and now have a moment to yourself. (And your infant or toddler.) Right around 1pm is naptime for a great number of young ones, and for those of us who’ve been in the #sahm or #sahd saddle, it is often a time for us to chill. (Or nap.)

In recognition of this, we want to offer you a special! Starting on Sept. 1st, stop in for a cappuccino or 8 oz. latte with us, and we’ll help get you through the nap-time for the little one who may is resisting today. We’ve whipped up two special syrups for a low sugar, caffeine free 8 oz. Italian soda for the kids: raspberry and blood orange! If you come with more than one of your kids, additional soda’s can be bought for $1. Also, if you come in with your partner and the kids, you can get a one/one coffee and soda. #wegotyourback

This special is available on weekdays from 2-5pm until Sept. 18th. That means you can come in after you pick up the kids from school, or when the little’s wake up too early from the nap. Everyone get’s happy!