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barista education

By November 5, 2013The Coffee Blog

About a year ago we started building our space at the East End Brewery. The primary goal was to make sure that Brad, Andre, and Phil ‘s commutes would shorten. They were driving to Indiana, PA from Pittsburgh multiple times a week. We also, of course, wanted to grow our relationship with the East End guys! Further, we had a vision of training that doesn’t exist in Pittsburgh. We didn’t know, and still don’t, what to call it- An Experience Center, A Training Bar, A Showroom, A Mock Retail Bar, Tasting Area, or ???? Whatever we call it we want it to function as we have described it with those labels. Last night we had a Barista Training – a limited group of professionals and amateurs. It was heartwarming to be a part of an experience that’s only goal is to elevate skills.


If you have ideas on how to use this space we are open to it.

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