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Best Coffee EVER

By March 11, 2008The Coffee Blog

I have to say that I had the best coffee ever today. I originally thought it was in the top three – but the more I have reflected on it through the day I am convinced this is the best coffee I have ever tasted. The country of origin is El Salvador – the journey this coffee took to get to the Commonplace was by way of The Cup of Excellence, a non-profit organization that evaluates coffees. The body of professional coffee evaluators gave this coffee the highest score of any El Salvadorian coffee evaluated. I am happy to share this offering with you. I obtained this through The Coffee Tree Roasters out of Pittsburgh. Bill Swoope of the CTR was kind enough to provide us with small quantities of unroasted coffees that were evaluated by the Cup of Excellence board. We will try to bring these coffees to you as we have the opportunity. Presently we are offering an El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaraguan. All of these are excellent examples of their respective country’s coffees. Come into the store to see actual pictures of the farmers and read about the evaluations of these coffees. Their price is set by the evaluators and assures the farmers a great price for their hard work. The coffees carry a high price but their value is truly justifiable as the coffees are enjoyed. Who knows, if you are there at the right time – maybe I will share a little bit with you.