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Blog by Allyson

By December 12, 2013The Coffee Blog

As I peruse through coffee blogs and information on the latest gadgets and holiday gift guides I am reminded of the customer. I fell in love with coffee and continue to do so yet my love started with the stories of those that came in and out of our doors. Because of our customers we have coffee, tastings, and continued education on how to make our product better. Being with The Commonplace for over seven years has given me the opportunity to witness quite a few stories that continue to keep me grounded and often humbled.

I have experienced the growth of a great company who continues to learn and challenge everything we know about coffee- from roast profiles, tastings, to milk steaming and machine maintenance. Yet continually I go back to the stories about customers who have made these things worth all the while. Customers like a non-traditional Japanese student asking us to help him with his English, a man who paints so well that you can easily get lost in his work, the couple that met at The Commonplace and then had their wedding photos taken in our space, a gifted carpenter who turned an old walnut tree into our table and coffee shelves, and those who call The Commonplace home.

I am often reminded, as a barista, of how important it is to know that people come and leave with a story. Some who share, like the mother shipping coffee overseas to her son in the army and the majority who order without much to say. If I fail to remember this, then I fail to fully enjoy what I do and why I do it. I believe that how we treat our patrons is just as valuable as how we prepare and serve our coffee.

Thanks to you for making this place great and for learning about our story and allowing us to be a part of yours.

–Allyson Whitacre