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Blog Post by Jamie Lesh

By January 4, 2014The Coffee Blog

I have felt continuously excited to be in this industry because we bring together two of my favorite things: good people and good drink. I love to hear from my coworkers about what brought them to coffee. Like Allyson wrote, hearing a customer’s story or just having them share a minute of their day with you is a wonderful feeling.

As each customer has a story, so too does each coffee we serve. Some we have the pleasure of knowing almost everything about, from the family that cultivated the trees to the shipping container it arrived in. Others might be less clear, like a blended lot from many farmers in a region.

I think sometimes we forget what an incredible journey the coffee we drink has been on. Whenever I make a cup, I try to remember how much work has gone into getting the beans to our doors and how many hands hands have cared for it before me.