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In a time when perfection is being sought for espresso, it is about time that brewed coffee gets in the limelight. The uber-coffee geeks are seeking what is the perfect temperature to brew espresso, how much ground coffee in the portafilter, how hard to tamp the coffee puck, or how much water should go through the puck- the pursuit goes on and on. So, we think brewed coffee – ah, that should be simple! But wait – shouldn’t we be paying attention to all of these parameters when it comes to brewing? YES WE SHOULD. and finally we have the tool – The Clover. The Clover allows us to make a perfect, custom made coffee ONE CUP AT A TIME. Proper brewing temperature, the time that the coffee and water is together, the grind size, and the amount of coffee vs. the water.

Come in and try it.

We are offering some of the Cup of Excellence coffees as a single cups – so that it is a bit smaller investment.