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Direct trade coffee

Last week we had a follow up meeting with another contact concerning a direct trade coffee. After the few farms that have worked successfully we are excited to be able to bring another direct trade coffee to our offering sheet. It is not official yet but it looks good for this coffee to be coming into our warehouse soon.

Other coffees for 2012

The Commonplace (and especially Phil) is close to having all of coffees set up for the year – we will have a follow up announcement after all the contracts are signed – but it is exciting to have a whole year of coffees set up that we can fine tune at the roaster level and at the counter level. One of the joys of being able to roast and retail is to be able fine tune coffees in both areas then be able to share that with our partners in the coffee shops.

East End Space

Progress is being made in the Commonplace Wholesale Pittsburgh Division. There have been a couple of hang ups but things are coming together nicely. It is really exciting to look forward to shared space with East End Brewery. Space in Pittsburgh. Scott and his team are awesome – I really can’t say enough great things about my future land-lord.

Party in Squirrel Hill

We will be hosting our first event in the new space on April 12 from 7-9. If you are a Coffee Professional in the Pittsburgh (or surrounding area – very loosely said) please contact us for more details. Grand Prize at the event is an iPad. Additionally we will be sharing some unique brew techniques and the savings we have had after switching to square as our credit card processor.