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Coffee Fest 09

By September 27, 2009The Coffee Blog

I just returned home from coffee fest ’09. It was nice to have some time in Seattle to reflect on the coffee industry (especially since I have been an owner/operator) as I have experienced it. Some things I have been confused about (i.e. latte art) and not seen the real impact that it would have on the industry (i.e. creating more snobery and egoism than better coffee experiences) and other things that have blown my mind (i.e. coffee roasting profiling like I would never have tried, the clover machine, parameter brewing from fetco, better espresso machinery and grinding machinery).

However, what I keep coming back to as I reflect is that you are the reason for my advancement in the industry. I feel like I take you with me when I go on these trips – or at least you are the reason I go. I feel like you’re the reason that I am challenged all the time to get better. Many times you walk into the store excited about what you encounter or you find out some info. either about a farm/farmer or a tasting reaction. Your excitement sends me back to the roaster/cupping table to get better and better with the part I play in the coffee world. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, for continuing to support our desire to find the perfect cup! I have many of your faces in my head right now as I reflect and write this. I am so grateful that I get to do my dream and explore, taste, and react to great coffees. See you in the morning!

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