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Coffee in Pittsburgh

By June 17, 2012The Coffee Blog

The Commonplace is about to enter another major transition as we open our roastery in Pittsburgh. Our partnership with East End Brewing Company is nothing “new” but it has been a long time coming. We have had “issues” with our contractor who has ended up using every excuse as to why it has taken as long as it has. However, we are now almost to the point where our skill set can be appealed to so that we can finish up what is needed and move on. No need for regrets – but we have been at this project for about 8 months.

We are looking forward to more coffee connections through relationships made in the EEBC space. We will be joining EEBC for their growler hours. We will at least offer bags of coffee and coffee brewing machinery for people to see and play with. We want to use this space as an asset to the growing coffee scene in Pittsburgh. We recognize that we do not have all the answers but we are eager to help others in the endeavors for great coffee business in Pittsburgh, we are excited about the ever growing and evolving coffee science, and we are super excited about the new machinery that is out there and want people to make it accessible for people.

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