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Coffee Roasting 101

By January 8, 2015The Coffee Blog

slide-4Did you know…

…that there are as many variables and science and art to roasting as there are to pulling that perfect shot for your cappuccino? Have you ever wondered what makes a dark roast unique, and what length of time one needs for a light roast? And how does the different roast taste with the same bean? And did you know we actually have recipes for our roasts, just like for our pourovers! And they change each season, and sometimes with each crop.

Phil, our own Commonplace roaster, has been at this for a long time. He’s been in coffee even longer, and remains one of the most respected in his field here in Pittsburgh. Your opportunity to pick his brain and learn a bit more about your morning habit just showed up: He’s at the roastery during growler hours this Saturday from 1-4pm! It’s not quite one of our Open Lab’s, but he would love to talk about the bean, the roast, and all things farm to cup with you. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! (Plus, you can drink great coffee roasted *AND* brewed by Phil himself; and fill up a couple of growlers for your evening festivities. What’s not to love?!?)