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Coffee taste

By December 11, 2010The Coffee Blog

We talk a lot about how to achieve coffee’s best flavor – but rarely write about it. Sourcing the best green is a part of it – roasting to a great profile for that particular coffee is another. I would argue that there a few other dimensions that are just as crucial. If you buy a bag of coffee and take it home to brew you are taking on a great responsibility!

The next elements include: machinery, great water, water temperature, dosing, timing, etc.

I find one of the measures often overlooked is the grinder. I work with a lot of shops that overlook this element. I find that even appropriately tweaked grinders are often producing bad surface area of the coffee for brewing because their burrs are dull. We just worked with a shop in which we tested all the appropriate elements and the simple overlooked element was a mere burr upgrade. So simile, yet overlooked.

The Italians have had a phrase that they have used that relates. They say there are three M s to making great coffee – the miscela (the bean/blend), the machina (machine-and appropriately tweaked), and the Mano (the hand of the preparer).

It is a bit complex – yet pretty simple to learn – wow, I really need another cup. I think I will hit the pour-over bar.