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Coming Soon: Commonplace on the Northside!

Photo Jun 06, 10 01 10 AMIt is our overwhelming pleasure to officially announce our new shop location in the Northside of Pittsburgh! Located in the Mexican War Streets, our new Commonplace will be situated at 1501 Buena Vista St. If you’ve been following along on social media, some of us have been posting about our recent pop up at the MWS neighborhood-wide yard sale. Some hints may have been dropped here and there. *ahem*

TJ, the passionate owner and visionary of the Commonplace, rarely -if ever- has had a desire to expand his efforts in coffee. This case is no different! In the past, people who have known (or even heard of) TJ have seen his work and care for others -and in coffee- and approached him to buy, help, or otherwise expand his work to different locations. Our locations at Squirrel Hill and Voluto follow this narrative, and the Northside opportunity maintains this arc as well. Over the next several months we’ll tell you the story as we travel together!Photo Jun 08, 3 22 16 PM

We have just signed the lease in the last two months, and have a three month target date to open. Frank, one of our barista’s currently at Voluto, will take on the management role of staff, space, and resources at the Northside. Also a resident there, he has great affinity for his neighborhood and desire to see this space grow and reflect the beauty and people in his geography. As we’ve heard him dream, brainstorm, muse; see his designs, heart, and passion for the space, we’re confident that he will be a thoughtful listener and catalyst for the Allegheny City Central area.

We look forward to bringing you news; thanks for all your support and participation alongside us in this coffee-journey. It has always been about the people for us, from the beginning. Our success, and any subsequent growth, comes from our relationships with you and those we have not yet met. Your role is crucial; THANK YOU! We remain grateful…


Photo Jun 08, 3 22 39 PM

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  • Silas says:

    I am so very very excited to welcome you to the neighborhood! We Northsiders have been deprived of good coffee for too long!

  • Joe says:

    I am SO excited. You’ll be right around the corner from my place, and we are DESPERATE for great coffee in the MWS. Hooray!!!