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Commonplace Goes To Seattle!

scaa coffee and espresso event . . .Well, not all of us. But Jamie and Brandon are! Jamie is our Squirrel Hill location manager, and Brandon is one of the orginal baristas’-par excellence at Voluto who started with us in our Indiana location. On Thursday, April 9th, they board a plane for Seattle to get their learning on at the SCAA 27th Annual Exposition, The Event. (SCAA: Specialty Coffee Association of America.) This is an opportunity for coffee folks to hone their brewing techniques, get more experience in behind-the-bar skills, meet with other barsitas and learn from each other. . . etc. etc.

The SCAA Annual Exposition, The Event, was designed to be the coffee professional’s one stop shop for everything they need to succeed in the coffee industry. – SCAA Event Website

In addition to these opportunities, Jamie and Brandon will be meeting with some farmers and discussing their coffee harvests for our own coffee offerings. We seek out a personal connection with farmers -or with importers on the ground- to establish a direct-trade relationship; it is a much more just manner of trade, allowing the growers to negotiate their own terms and needs as they understand the value of their labor.

espresso coffee on nuova simonelli aurelia

The other significant role they will play is to represent Commonplace at both La Marzocco and Synesso‘s booths! This is an enormous honor for us, to pull shots for these two highly respected organizations and represent both ourselves and them. As espresso machine manufacturers, they build some of the highest quality equipment on the market, and we have the pleasure of using both in our organization.

We are excited to what is to come over the next week. Stay tuned for more!

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