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Commonplace Social Media is on the move!

By September 5, 2015Community, The Coffee Blog
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Most esteemed Commonplacer’s, both already and not-yet, we wanted to let you know of a change that is going on in the Commonplace. Although we’ve grown quite a bit in the 12 years since TJ roasted his first bean, we’ve decided that our best way to stay in touch with you is to “roast smaller batchs” when it comes to social media.

Up to this point, we’ve maintained separate accounts for our locations on each of the big social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As we discussed the future growth of the Commonplace into the Northside (and Shadyside), it became apparent that our best efforts to remain connected to you was through single Commonplace accounts. Our barista’s are awesome at making coffee, but a great deal of our bar time requires us to be preparing for making coffee, making coffee, or cleaning up after making coffee. And Brian, our social media and web guy, can only maintain so many accounts alongside other roles in the org.

So, in the next couple of weeks, prepare to see some name changes and updates about our consolidation, as well as deleted accounts, pages, and profiles. Although it may seem to look as though news about your particular location will decline, we’re confident that it will actually increase. Indeed; we’ll be working hard to make it so!

This blog will continue to be a source of news and anchor for our efforts, you can always comment here or reach out to us on the contact page to get more info if you can’t find the right social media outlet to reach us on.

We remain grateful for your coffee drinking! We have only been successful because of your passion, graciousness, and journey-taking alongside TJ, Julie, and the rest of us. Cheers!