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Commonplace: your source for coffee AND a Higher Education.

Since 2003, TJ and Julie have been deepening their roots among the people of Indiana. Roasting a new coffee in the small retail space at University Square, TJ would pass out cups of a fresh batch to anyone who’d be willing to give it a just-past-3-day tasting. (Coffee begins brewing well after about 3 days of out-gassing, post-roast.) They put their lives into it, and as it grew, so did their business and passion.

Well, after several new stores and expansions –and one any week now!– a new level has been reached. Commonplace has been invited into the classrooms of Indiana University of PA to teach about coffee! IUP approached us with an opportunity to offer our insights into specialty coffee, for a special elective class for students in the Hospitality Management program. Photo Nov 06, 5 01 01 PMWe got to teach for three, 3 hour sessions about specialty coffee. Phil and Frank stepped into the professor roles, offering their expertise in roasting/sourcing and barista/bar management, respectively. Did you know that Phil’s job requires attention to:

– Coffee genetics
– Processing
– Trade Dynamics and Capital Access
– Sourcing and Trade
– Roasting Science
– Roasting Business: Scope and limitations

…among many other things. He offered a cupping experience as well.

Frank offered a body of knowledge that included:

Photo Nov 06, 5 01 10 PM-Brewing theory (filter coffee and espresso)
-demo and hands on experience of both
-menu offerings and drink building
-contextual application in the hospitality industry

We’re quite excited that coffee as craft is garnering attention in the hospitality and food management in Higher Ed. The arc of coffee continues!

(<—— There’s Frank.)

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