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In light of the recent accolade on the website complex, I wanted to write and thank our staff for the work that they do – not just for the group but for coffee in Pittsburgh and for coffee in general. I love the seriousness that they have for their craft. I appreciate each one of them for the unique parts that they bring to this organization. I especially want to thank Phil for his continued pursuit of good coffees and his ability to make them taste so good. Thanks to Morgan and Frank who continue to help us excel with our FYE program. I also want to call out those who work at the bar. In fact, that is the reason so many continue to research the commonplace – it is their first impression of us. I also want to call out Julie’s continued willingness to allow the commonplace be a big part of our family – she was willing to follow a dream and now she is willing to allow that dream to compete for family time.


It is humbling for me to get notice of the commonplace’s success. I realize that it is not just one person making this business noticeable and so thanks to everyone that makes this possible.