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Cupping once more

By February 18, 2009The Coffee Blog

We were able to sit down and formally evaluate a couple of new coffees: Tanzania Burka Peaberry and the Bolivian Cenaproc Fair Trade Organic.

The Tanzanian:

Dre: flowery, citrus, smooth, low acidity, balanced, slaps in mouth

TJ: Fragrance sweet like lighter vanilla sweetness, subtle chocolate – pleasant, super delicate acidity, subtle citrus, slight cherry tones, smooth, round body and subtle creaminess

The Bolivian:

Dre: earthy, high-toned, creamy buttery pastry, popcorn buttered and eaten the next day, soaks the tongue

TJ: caramel, fragrance – herbal, clean chocolate, very delicate, balanced, textured, creamy, mild to heavy bodied

We will be opening our cuppings soon – but for now – here is a guide to a couple coffees.