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Andre and I spent some time cupping yesterday. We sampled three coffees. The point was to find nuance difference in alternative coffees. The three coffees we used were: Colombian (the new Don Telmo), Costa Rican (La Amistad), and Nicaraguan (the FTO selva).

The flavors that we experienced were staggering. The Colombian was incredibly bright, clear hints of chocolate, caramel, very balanced, with a very rich finish. Andre noted floral tones that were reminiscent of wild flowers.

The Costa Rican was amazing in its tones of pipe tobacco and darker sweets (molasses and maple), gentle acidity, smooth, round (and creamy), subtle fruits. Andre noted that the flavor goes straight up and plumes.

The Nicaraguan was nutty, chocolatey, complex, citrus fruit, short ending, and rich. Andre noted that the taste swirls, and there was overwhelming brownie aroma in the fragrance. He concludes: a brownie, chocolate, citrus-zing.