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Delivery and accident

By April 8, 2007The Coffee Blog

Alright…for those of you that don’t know — a truck slammed into our house the night before Julie gave birth to Seth James Fairchild (8lbs. 8 oz. – 21 inches long – at 6:33pm – on 4/4/07).

Thank God nobody was hurt in the crash. A 22 year old male was eluding state police in our quiet little neighborhood. The driver lost control — missed 7 children playing outside across the street and slammed into our house going 45 mph. The driver then fled on foot…wow, scary! He had threatened someone with a semi-automatic pistol earlier in our mall. Police were going to question him when they saw his truck and pursued him. (they did find the gun in the truck – thankfully he did not enter our house with the gun).

Julie still had to be induced into labor – I was hoping that the crash would cause her to go into labor! All three of us were in the house but nobody was hurt. I was in the living room – where the car crashed…thank God for old houses – it did not even penetrate the house. The structural engineer said that the truck would have entered the house and exited the house if the house was a newer, less solid house.

The house is a bit screwed up – the crash threw the house off of the foundation and caused internal damage to plaster in almost every room in the house – new cracks are still showing up.

On the brighter side:

Julie is doing very well. She worked really hard to bring Seth into our arms. He is very healthy and very strong. We are so thankful that God has given us a second child.

Soren is very excited about the baby – he asked if we could keep him! We threw him a “big brother party” in our hotel where we are staying until we determine that it is safe to move back into our house.

Thanks for reading…