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Direct from Santa: Pre-Christmas Product Demo!

By December 17, 2014The Coffee Blog

Hey kids, we know you may be scrounging for a last minute gift, or put it off, or wanted to find *just* the right thing. Well, we’d like to help. This Saturday, December 20th, is your opportunity to stop by the roastery in Pittsburgh -where all the magic happens- and browse our brewers, grinders, soft goods, and otherwise stock up on coffee gear. Evan will be on hand from 12-5 pulling shots and giving directions on using a v60 pour over (explaining why it’s called v60), the best coffee/water ratio for brewing, what an Areopress is, or why one would want to grind coffee by hand. (I mean, seriously. Who does that?)Photo Dec 16, 11 40 54 AM

Here’s the bonus: you get a one time offer to get a 10% discount on any coffee brewing equipment! It’s only at the warehouse, and only on Saturday. A couple of other things to do while there: check out our Brew Kits for a more robust brewing package or gift for your loved ones, and stock up on your holiday bean cache.

I know, I know. This kinda sounds like Lou from Carpet Mart. We hate that. But we want to offer you a way to brew a great cup at home, and provide you with our best experience on making it happen. Just think: how phenomonal would it be for you to not only give a really cool brewing gift, *and* know how to teach someone to use it?

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