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Direct trade coffee

By April 26, 2010The Coffee Blog

we have entered a relationship with coffee growers from colombia. Meko and Juan Gutierrez have approached us to roast their coffee. we were very skeptical at first but we were amazed at the quality when we cupped this coffee. This is how Meko and Juan have described their coffee:

The Gutierrez family has grown coffee in North Nariño (southwestern Colombia) since the early 1900’s in their coffee estate called ROSAFLORIDA (BLOOMINGROSE), the same name we adopted for our coffee sales in the U.S. Members of the third to fifth generations of our family currently live and work in the farm and directly control every step of the process of coffee production.

Our coffee is planted in volcanic soils and is covered by the shade of large native species and other plantations, especially citric trees such as oranges, tangerines, and lemons. Trend winds, together with high solar radiation due to the region’s close  proximity to the Equator, cause big temperature swings on a day cycle during the period of ripening of the beans (February – May), with cold night times and warm day times. This consolidates the sugars, which yield that very intense sweet, caramel flavored, fruity coffee cup, with characteristic Nariño fragrance, aroma, and well balanced with a medium to high body.