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Esp beans and Huixoc

By September 27, 2006The Coffee Blog

Well, we had five fortunate people receive chocolate covered espresso beans because of the giveaway!!! The next giveaway is coming soon — so, be sure to keep checking.

I am taking some time at home today, preparing for a meeting that I am leading next week (Listening to Wynton Marsalis!!). So, I thought I would take time to sit down and make a french press of Guatemalan Huixoc Huehuetenango (Estate). If you have not tried this coffee yet – do yourself a favor and try a bit. There are a couple of reasons why this coffee sets itself apart:

First, flavor – this is the smoothest cup of coffee I have ever had with still having a lot of complex flavor. It is very bright without having too much acidity. And, the finish is nice and clean without any harsh tones of aftertaste.

Second, another reason that this coffee is special is that it is an Estate coffee. An estate coffee means that it is purchased from a single farm instead of a “coop” of farms. What that means to you is that you get the best of the best of the specialty grade Arabica beans in your cup!! If you did not know — there are 5 grades of Arabica beans – so, it may not mean much when a coffee purveyor claims that there is 100% Arabica beans in their coffee (the lowest grade can be pretty inferior in the cup). Even to get 100% Arabica coffee that is the finest grade from a coffee coop is not the same kind of guarantee that an Estate coffee brings with it.

The conclusion is this: Guatemalan Huixoc Huehuetenango is absolutely fantastic and I am glad it is keeping me company as I prepare for my talk.