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Espresso descriptions

By February 25, 2008The Coffee Blog

Jon Defibaugh, of the Indiana Home Brewer’s Club, came by the shop Saturday morning. The brewer’s club focuses on beer but I think everyone enjoys a good cup of coffee. I thought it would be fun to let Jon’s palate run wild on our espresso blends. Here is the result in cognitive speech (I wish I would have taken pictures of facial expressions):

Espresso: Aroma of berries & cherries, sweet notes throughout. Cherry, date, fig, plum, prunes, almost gingery spiciness with a long, smooth, clean finish. Ends Dry as a bone.

Espresso Tuscano: Very roasty smell, dark and rich aromas. Berries in the mouth with an incredibly long, bright, sweet finish.

Thanks Jon – it makes me want a shot right now.