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On this Independence Day, Forthcoming…

Coffee drinkers far and wide, from the golden waves of grain in Indiana, to the shores of the Ohio in Pittsburgh, we bid you good cup. As we stand at the brink of the holiday in which we celebrate the Independence from tyranny, a unjust ruler from whom we had no past representation, we offer you our holiday weekend hours schedule. Here’s when you can still imbibe with the robust fruit of the coffee cherry this weekend, and when you must exhibit self control, exercising restraint of this cup of joy set forth before you.

  • Commonplace at University Square, Indiana: Closing early at 2pm.
  • Commonplace at Squirrel Hill: Saturday 8am – 1pm
  • Commonplace at Voluto: Closed Saturday

We return to our regular hours on the days following this day of history in our nation…