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Free Holiday Events: Coffee Tasting and Home Brewing!

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Coffee is a comfort food for many of us. Perhaps it was the Folgers that your folks brewed every morning, or the percolator that Gramma put on after Sunday dinner. For me (Brian, at Voluto), its Hazelnut coffee that’s my holiday go-to. My brother brews it through a Mr. Coffee during Christmas, the once-a-year gathering when we can get both our families together.

Photo Jan 24, 12 39 17 PMThis holiday season, we want to give you the opportunity to taste our current coffees! Since it is often tied to our family roots, I’m sure that many of us stock up on bean to serve at home, bring to our holiday destinations, or offer as gifts. Now, you can choose the best one for your needs! All of the tastings are free. Choose the closest one, the best fit for your calendar, or travel to all of them!

Additionally, we’re offering a home brewing class at each location after the holidays. You wanna break in the new brewer, RIGHT?!? So, we’re offering a free course to get you started. You can bring your own stuff, or participate with ours. (Although, our equipment will be limited.)

Below is the list of our shops and the event details. We’ll keep this updated if things change or are added…

Indiana, PA:
  • Coffee Tasting – Thursday, December 10th at 4pm
  • Home Brew Methods Class – Thursday, January 7th at 5:30pm
  • Barista Level II Class – Monday January 11th at 7pm
Squirrel Hill:
  • Coffee Tasting – Thursday December 17th at 5pm
  • Home Brew Methods Class – Wed. Jan. 6th at 7pm
  • Coffee Tasting – Sunday December  20th at 2pm
  • Home Brew Methods Class – Sunday January 17th at 1pm
  • Family Art Time: After Hours Cookies & Milk & Drawing! Saturday January 30th at 7pm
Mexican War Streets:
  • Coffee Tasting – TBD
  • Home Brew Methods Class – TBD

See you there!