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I had the best cup of coffee today

By August 15, 2006The Coffee Blog

I am very hesitant to say this, but I had the best cup of coffee of my life today!!! It was a cup of one of my favorite single origin coffees – Sumatra Mandheling. The difference was the way I brewed it. I used a new brewer called theĀ Aerobie Aeropress. I have heard about this new brewer for awhile but was very skeptical (yeah, you know me). The pots came in yesterday, but I tried for the first time this morning — IT WAS THE BEST CUP OF COFFEE OF MY LIFE.

It makes a concentrated coffee (espresso-like) with crema!!! If you want a cup of coffee add hot water/if you want a latte/cappuccino add steamed/foamed milk/if you want espresso – drink up!!!

My response: the press (which only takes 20 seconds start to finish — instead of 4 minutes as a french press does) takes out all of the edginess of coffee without removing any of the heaviness of the flavor — it is still true to the taste of the coffee — only it is smoother!!!

Come in and try it today. Incidentally, they areĀ available at The Commonplace Coffeehouse!!!