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Introducing: Columbia, from the Huila Region!

By January 22, 2015The Coffee Blog

It is our great honor to bring you the Huila, Columbia. Colombian coffee might be some of the most well known to coffee drinkers around the world, and the Huila Select is testament to that. This particular bean is grown by a group of small holders, each producing 1-15 bags. Cafe Imports is our go-to for this regions bean; their mission is based on fair trade and environmentally conscious growing practices. People and place matter!

Commonplace Roastery, Columbia Huila Coffee

The tasting profile has hints of melon and acidity, a sugar cane sweetness with a Riesling finish. This roast has a cocoa aroma, making for a well rounded taste to your palate! It will be available as a pour over at most of our locations, and other possibilities await.

More coffee geekery:

  • Bean varietal: Caturra, Columbia
  • Growth Altitude: 1500-1700 ft.
  • Processing method: washed